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Effect of Nanomaterials Exposure on Microecosystem: a Review

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DOI: 10.25236/icbcme.2021.011


Xiuyu Ji, Ping Zhang, Song Zhang, Le Su, Qiulin Yue, Lin Zhao

Corresponding Author

Xiuyu Ji


The development and application of nanomaterials has become a global trend, and nanomaterials may harm the health of humans and animals through various mechanisms. Humans inevitably come into contact with these nanomaterials through multiple exposure pathways. In recent years, studies have shown that intestinal microecology is closely related to individual health, and its composition may be affected by nanomaterials. In this paper, the effects of nanomaterials on microecosystem and the application of nanomaterials were reviewed to provide basic information for further research.


Nanomaterials, Application, Nanoparticles, Microecosystem