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Application of Fracture Development Recognition in Fuyang Reservoir of Daqing Oilfield-Low Permeability Reservoir-A Development Zone in Integral Fracturing Completion

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DOI: 10.25236/icbcme.2021.004



Corresponding Author



Fuyang reservoir in a development area has large geological reserves and is regarded as an important reserve potential in the development stage after the 12th Five-Year Plan. Fuyang reservoir has the characteristics of deep burial, low quality, small effective thickness, low permeability and difficult to produce without fracturing. Aiming at the disadvantageous factors of reservoir development, combined with the optimization of well pattern deployment of reservoir engineering, the overall fracturing and completion technology of development block is optimized by using the fine geological research results of fracture development recognition. The direction of in-situ stress extends, and the perforation phase is optimized. Under the permissible conditions of perforation technology, the direction of hole is as close as possible to the direction of maximum principal stress, which is conducive to reservoir communication during fracturing. At the same time, according to the understanding of fracture development, in order to improve productivity and control water cut rising speed, the half-length of fracture and fracture conductivity are optimized to control the occurrence of water immersion. Through the integration of multi-disciplinary geological research and well completion engineering, a fracturing displacement system adapted to Fuyang reservoir in the development zone has been established, and good productivity results have been achieved, which provides a reference experience for the follow-up large-scale and efficient development of Fuyang reservoir in the development zone.


Multidisciplinary Geological Research, In-situ Stress and Integral Fracturing, Fuyang Oil Layer