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A Comparative Study on the Interior Design of Southeast Asian B&Bs from the Perspective of Regional Differences

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DOI: 10.25236/iseah.2021.021


Soe Naing

Corresponding Author

Soe Naing


Understanding the interior decoration design styles of Southeast Asian homestays in recent years shows that all countries have common points in the development, especially in the culture, which is mainly influenced by the two ancient civilizations of China and India, whether it is the overall design style or the application of materials. All showed a certain degree of diversity and multi-ethnicity. Therefore, this article analyzes the characteristics of interior design of Southeast Asian homestays from the four perspectives of material selection, color, specific form of expression and furniture display based on the changes in the style of interior decoration in recent years from the perspective of clear regional differences.


Regional differences, Southeast asia, Homestays, Interior design, Material selection, Color, Form of expression, Furniture display