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Research on the Integration, Development and Dissemination of Chinese and Western Sculpture Techniques in the Context of “the Belt and Road Initiatives”

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DOI: 10.25236/iseah.2021.020


Wenxing Yu

Corresponding Author

Wenxing Yu


Traditional Chinese sculpture and Western sculpture pay attention to three-dimensionality and realism, and have similar artistic pursuits to Chinese painting. Traditional Chinese sculpture uses the depiction and draw lines as an important means of expression, showing obvious linear characteristics similar to traditional paintings in the overall shape. However, in modern times, Chinese sculpture has been deeply influenced by the realistic traditions of Western and Soviet sculptures, and has been impacted by new artistic trends, and has neglected the inheritance of traditional sculpture language in the process of development. In the context of the “The Belt and Road Initiatives” initiative to promote Chinese culture, the creation of contemporary Chinese sculptures must not only imitate ancient sculptures and learn traditional sculpture techniques, but also explore and display the excellent traditional Chinese culture on a deeper level and in a wider range.


Traditional sculpture, Line, Nationalization