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Industrial Civilization Vs Human Natural Instinct-- Lawrence’s Attitude towards Industrialization in Lady Chatterley’s Lover

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DOI: 10.25236/iseah.2021.019


Nan Wang, Ruoxi Li

Corresponding Author

Nan Wang


In this paper, from the perspective of some pairs of contrast, Lawrence’s attitude towards industrialization has been presented. Under the pressure of modern industrialization, human nature has been seriously eroded. Capitalist industrial civilization has pushed human beings to a critical point. Instead of putting attention to human nature and instinct, modern people crazily seek after money and the material life. In order to struggle against modernity, through Lady Chatterley’s Lover, Lawrence shows the readers the love story of Connie and Mellors, which is a kind of rebelling against industrialization. He advocates a realistic attitude towards life and the return to human true nature. The paper comes to the conclusion that the best way to keep human natural instinct is to rebuild relationship between man and woman and fulfill their needs both on body and soul. It is also suggested that Lawrence’s attitude towards modern world has realistic significance to today’s literary researches.


Lawrence, Attitude, Industrial civilization, Human natural instinct, Lady chatterley’s lover