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Rituals Hidden in Utensils--Analysis of the Application of Utensils in Moral Construction Nowadays

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DOI: 10.25236/iseah.2021.017


Jianlei Han

Corresponding Author

Jianlei Han


As a special way of ideological education in China, “Rituals hidden in utensils” has existed for thousands of years. It refers to the externalization of specific political and moral ideas to specific utensils, and then the utensils are used individually to perform similar education usage to “people teach others”. As a way of education, “Rituals hidden in utensils” has obvious advantages as well as obvious limitations. How to promote the modernity of “Rituals hidden in utensils” based on the principle of “sublation”, and to assist in the current moral construction is a topic worthy of study.


Rituals hidden in utensils, Moral construction, Modernity transformation, Ideological education