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Multimodality of the Translation of King Gesar

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DOI: 10.25236/iseah.2021.015


Yuan Li

Corresponding Author

Yuan Li


This paper draws on the experience of two translators' successful translation of the epic King Gesar overseas to explore, from an 'intersemoitic' perspective, how the translator applied the multimodal way to English translation in verbal or nonverbal way. This audio and visual employment in the translation is examined from the integrating perspectives from semiotics, translation, and the interdisciplinary studies including music, opera, and film. On the basis of development of translation studies, the trend of multilingual translation and multimodality are proposed and discussed after cultural and ideological turn in translation. To further understand the range and new directions from new media in terms of translational change, “transcreation” and “rewriting”, which are used in the King Gesar are introduced and commented. A comparison between the results of two versions of translation seeks to identify their creative interpretation and translation in musical transcreation and rewriting aims to inspire new reflections on the creative translation in multimodal ways.


Tibetan literature, King gesar, Multimodality, Translation