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Research on Visual Arts of Artificial Intelligence Based on Style Transfer

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DOI: 10.25236/iseah.2021.008


Zhao YIN

Corresponding Author

Zhao YIN


With the coming of deep learning era, image style transfer has quickly become one of the hot directions in the field of artificial intelligence research. As an effective combination of computer science and art, style transfer algorithm endows computer art with the ability of re-creation. Deep-learning artificial intelligence has different metaphysical sources from the works of human artists, the former comes from the given limited sample range, while the latter comes from the free will of human artists, and this understanding also involves the demonstration of spiritual philosophy at a deeper level. This paper will focus on the possibility of diversified expression of visual arts with the assistance of artificial intelligence related technologies. Combining with style transfer, this paper explores the characteristics of intelligent visual art under the background of deep learning, and seeks its advantages of combining with artistic expression, so as to create a new expression form of artificial intelligence visual art creation based on style transfer.


Style transfer, Artificial intelligence, Visual arts