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The Influence and Aesthetics of Music Narration in Film Creation

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DOI: 10.25236/iseah.2021.007


Yuling Chen

Corresponding Author

Yuling Chen


Film music is a very important organic part in the process of film creation. It not only meets the requirements of film creation, but also has its own artistic characteristics and expressiveness, which can further promote the completion of film narration. Film music can effectively show the plot pictures in the film, deepen the theme content and promote the development of the story. Aesthetics of film and television is a science that studies beauty and aesthetics in film and television art, and its research objects include movies and television art, especially film language, visual thinking, including film and television art including thoughts, and the relationship between film and television art and social reality and human beings. This paper first expounds the existing forms and functions of music narration, then tells about the influence and aesthetics of film and television music in film creation, and finally summarizes the content of the article.


Musical narration, Film creation, Influence and aesthetics