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The Writing of Historical Trauma in the Island of Sea Women

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DOI: 10.25236/iseah.2021.006


Qiufang Dong

Corresponding Author

Qiufang Dong


In The Island of Sea Women, Lisa See writes the historical trauma of the people on Jeju Island in 20th century. By depicting the life and friendship of two haenyeos, she explores the decisive impact of the April 3 Incident on the individuals. She not only describes the historical event in a realistic manner, but tries to reveal the inner feelings of the individuals, which helps the traumatized return to the site of memory and reconcile with the past. Lisa See’s transnational writing of the Korean people reconstructs history and spreads it around the world, thus integrating memory of the local people into the collective memory of all human beings.


Lisa see, The island of sea women, Historical trauma