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Analysis of the Development and Aesthetic Characteristics of Oil Painting Strokes Based on Visual Importance

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DOI: 10.25236/iseah.2021.001


Feng LIU

Corresponding Author

Feng LIU


As a formal language of painting, brushwork bears color and shapes image, which is the most direct reflection of the painter's personality, temperament, cultivation and connotation. Defining concepts and explaining the development and evolution of brush strokes in the eastern and western oil painting art are the basis of studying the independent aesthetic value of brush strokes. It can be said that oily materials can show the performance effect of almost all other paintings, and have strong artistic expression. Oil painting art originates from the west, and oil painting brushstrokes refer to the screen traces left by the use of brushes, pigments and media, which is one of the presentation forms of the artistic characteristics of oil paintings. The artist's personal transcendence of the spirit of the times is definitely not achieved by making us forget the human conditions that produced art. This paper discusses the origin and development process of oil painting brush strokes, and expounds the aesthetic characteristics of oil painting brush strokes based on the visual importance.


Oil painting, Brushwork, Aesthetic characteristics