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Analysis of Pressure Level and Common Stress Sources of Chinese People during Post Covid-19 Period

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2021.109


Yihan Kong

Corresponding Author

Yihan Kong


The novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, also known as COVID-19, has aroused great public concern and has a strong impact on the emotional health and social mentality of the public. Medical personnel are fighting on the front line of saving lives and caring for the sick. Long-term yet high-load work and exposure to traumatic environments have put them at risk of poor mental health. At the same time, the emotional state of the public will inevitably be affected by the epidemic infection data. Through a series of traditional psychological research methods, this research focuses on the stress level and pressure sources of people in China after the pandemic is under control.


Covid-19, Mental health, Anxiety, Stress, Pandemic, Psychology