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Research on Image Communication of Rapper “Lil Ghost” in Chinese Short Video Software Tik Tok

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2021.107


Wang Yandan

Corresponding Author

Wang Yandan


With the development of mobile network technology and the popularity of smart devices, short video has experienced explosive development in recent years. Short and concise content bearing, immersive experience of audio-visual integration, fission network communication and user interaction make short video become a new way of network interactive communication quickly. The rise of short videos provides a new way to spread and build artists' images. The content of short video communication is more life-oriented, lightweight and fashionable, which makes the audience feel friendly and willing to participate and become the disseminator of video. This brand-new expression mode integrates various expressions such as words, pictures and audio, which makes many netizens happy to use this way to communicate and interact. This paper mainly discusses how to correctly understand the relationship between mobile short video and image communication in today's diversified information. Taking rapper “Lil Ghost” as an example, it analyzes the image communication ways of Tik tok, a Chinese short video software.


Short video, Tik tok, Image communication, Lil ghost