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Causes of Racial Discrimination

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2021.104


Li Dongze

Corresponding Author

Li Dongze


There are many reasons for racial discrimination. If you want to trace the reason, you can first think of the purpose caused by this behavior. Because resources are limited, and in order to allow oneself to control more resources, racial discrimination can occupy the highest position psychologically, so that the behavior of excessive possession of resources can be rationalized and legitimized; for individuals, it still lies in this. This kind of humanity, when this kind of “self-esteem” emotion is enlarged, it is possible to satisfy one's vanity in this way of degrading others. If only one person looks down on a race or the whole world, it will not lead to large-scale actions such as “racial discrimination”. When a conceited person has certain resources, power, military, and beliefs, then a series of actions can be used to discriminate against a race. Corresponding to this is that the totalitarians in high positions often have the characteristic of self-esteem and self-satisfaction..


Discrimination, Causes, Racial