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The Mixed Teaching Mode of College English in the Practice Community

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DOI: 10.25236/ssah.2018.087


Shuyi Teng

Corresponding Author

Shuyi Teng


In the course of college English reform, the mixed teaching mode belongs to the direction of reform focus. It effectively integrates online learning and classroom teaching modes, which can improve the quality of college English teaching. This paper analyzes the three core components of online learning, in-class application, and extracurricular practice in the college English mixed teaching model. Based on the combination of the teaching theory and teaching practice, this paper designs the practice community architecture of college English and analyzes the advantages of implementation college English comprehensive teaching model. A study found that college English practice community can help college students to make further their understanding of English knowledge in language practice, and build up a perfect English knowledge system to effectively cultivate college students' practical ability in English.


College English, mixed teaching model, practice community.