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Review of the Research on Teenagers' Dependence on Smartphones

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2021.101


Zhaoyu Peng

Corresponding Author

Zhaoyu Peng


Mobile phone dependence is a kind of illness that causes mobile phone users to be physically or psychologically uncomfortable due to excessive abuse of mobile phones for some reason. The author combs this field from concept measurement, group characteristics and related personality factors. There has been some consensus on the concept of mobile phone dependence: 1. Excessive use of mobile phones; 2. Dependents have psychological dependence on mobile phones; 3. It belongs to the category of behavioral addiction; 4. It will affect individual physical and mental health and social function. Most of the mobile phone dependence meters are based on the concept of mobile phone dependence, which can basically achieve the effect of identification and screening. The factors of people with high dependence on mobile phones include extraversion, nervousness, loneliness, alienation and so on. In the future, the research direction of mobile phone dependence will continue to advance in concept and measurement and the development of mobile phone dependence mechanism may become an important breakthrough point in this field.


Independence, Smart phone, Mobile phone dependence