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Different Person Have Different Views-Covid-19 Origin of the Virus

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2021.099


Heying Liu

Corresponding Author

Heying Liu


The outbreak of “COVID-19 epidemic” is an encounter between all mankind and a global unknown virus, and it is also a major global public health event. This event is not only a mirror, it shows the true state of the whole Chinese society in a certain sense. A nation that is good at reflection is a nation with a high degree of rationality and self-consciousness, so that it can continuously gain the motive force for progress, because it can enable us to enhance the historical memory of suffering and not repeat historical mistakes. It is a tragedy to forget suffering. In real life, some people pay more attention to experience and pay less attention to reflection lessons. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Chinese society, including Chinese churches, has experienced baptism in cognition, emotion and action. Christians once again realize that all aspects of individual body, church organization and social body need to attach importance to and strengthen the construction of “body”.


Covid-19, Christians, Society