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Factors Influencing Digital Disconnection among the Elderly

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2021.098


Mutong Li

Corresponding Author

Mutong Li


Through in-depth interviews with 24 elderly people, the performance and influencing factors of the digital disconnection of the elderly were investigated, and the current situation and difficulties of their use of digital media were explored, looking forward to making recommendations for the digital integration of the elderly. The study found that the Internet use among the elderly cannot be divided into “full access” or “total disconnection”, but there is also a “gradual” difference in the use of internet. The degree of digital disconnection in the elderly can be divided into complete disconnection and partial disconnection. Partial disconnection can be subdivided into passively receiving information, actively searching for information, and actively delivering information. The degree of digital disconnection is affected by individuals, groups, society, and digital media. On this basis, this thesis analyzed the impact of digital disconnection on the lives of the elderly, and put forward suggestions to help the elderly to use the Internet in the view of different social subjects.


The elderly, Digital media, Digital disconnection