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Research on the Status Quo of Coordination of Water Environment Control Policy Tools in the Yangtze River Delta: Analysis of Policy Text Based on the Yangtze River Delta

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2021.097


Shi Hai-Ling, Ding Yixin, Wu Wenyu

Corresponding Author

Shi Hai-Ling


Analyze the policy texts issued by the governments of three provinces and one city in the Yangtze River Delta, and build a framework of policy tools for collaborative water environment management. Based on the analysis of 128 policy texts between 1990.8 and 2021.5, Filter out 337 policy tools and code them for statistical analysis. Inspect and review the types, distribution and development trends of policy tools adopted by local governments in the process of collaborative water environment management. The study found: (1) The government's coordinated governance of the water environment has shown an obvious growth trend in recent years; (2) The government pays more attention to clear responsibilities and division of labor in the governance of the water environment. Although the coordinated governance of the government is receiving increasing attention, it is still in a relatively weak position. Government departments need to carry out coordinated actions to continuously break down departmental, organizational and regional boundaries, and use various policy tools to achieve coordinated government governance from four aspects: joint supervision, joint execution, standardized docking, and information sharing.


Component, Water environment governance, Synergy mechanism, Policy tool