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The Application of Hypothetical Development Method in the Value Assessment of Sea Areas Uses Rights: a Case Study of the Sea Use for Tourism Infrastructure

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2021.088


Hao Kong, Wei Yang, Ruijuan Lin

Corresponding Author

Hao Kong


Marine spatial resources are the important guarantee for China to achieve sustainable development. With the accelerated reform of China’s resource management system, the state has adopted economic instruments to strengthen the management of marine resources, and the market-oriented allocation of China’s marine resources has been the dominant way. Moreover, the basis of the implementation of market-based allocation of sea area is the accurate assessment of the price of the right to use sea area. Among the numerous evaluation methods, the hypothetical development method is very suitable for the current situation of sea areas before listing, and has become the most commonly used evaluation method in the field of sea area use right evaluation. In this study, the entertainment sea area in D city is taken as an example, and the sea area price is calculated in detail by using the hypothetical development method. The value of this sea area is 75.91% higher than the sea area price calculated by the fee standard issued by the government. By analyzing the calculation process and results, this paper further discusses the application and limitations of the hypothetical development method in the field of sea area price evaluation.


Hypothetical development method, Value assessment of sea areas uses rights, Tourism infrastructure