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Research on China's Urbanization and the Intensified Employment Competition of State Owned Enterprises

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2021.072


Haotian Xiang

Corresponding Author

Haotian Xiang


Rural population decrease quickly, and they join city for money. Also, state owned enterprises (SOE) increase the level of employee. During nowadays in China, those social issues may be good for our society, and those technology improvement also help the rural area to reduce population, and let more people join city and work for those factory. Then Chinese will not affect those issues. China start rebuild SOE, and more difficult to get in those SOE. However, those SOE will help development in future, and they will guild Chinese economic. Also, rural population migrate to city happened more frequently. However, it is not bringing lots of hurt to China society. Then Chinese government do not force those population stay in rural area.


Urbanization, State owned enterprises, Employment competition