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Analysis of Fashion Brand Marketing Strategies in the Digital Age and Its Enlightenment to Chinese Apparel Companies

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2021.071


Yinuo Chen

Corresponding Author

Yinuo Chen


Due to the economic downturn, people's consumption has generally become more cautious than before. As a result, many enterprises in many industries are facing the dilemma of sales decline and even unsustainable operation. Do not master the brand and technology, so earn processing fees are very meager. In the world, some cheap fashion clothing retail brands which aim at ordinary consumers are emerging, and they also begin to expand in China. The impact of digitization forces the apparel industry to rearrange its development direction. Therefore, many fashion brands are actively introducing new media technology in the marketing process, aiming to achieve more targeted and accurate marketing, fully reflecting the brand advantages and personality. Any brand must be built it has to go through the process of gestation, growth and development. In the traditional apparel industry, some companies that have experienced decades or even hundreds of years can be called brands. The main business of most garment enterprises is OEM production and processing for foreign garment brands, and this type of products also accounts for about 90% of garment exports. Enterprises seldom rely on design style to establish brand characteristics, and have not realized that to build a world-class clothing brand, world-class designers are needed first. Based on the analysis of the current situation of China's clothing market, this paper studies and compares the characteristics of fashion clothing brands at home and abroad, and summarizes the enlightenment of fashion clothing brands in the digital era on the design of Chinese clothing brands.


Digital age, Fashion brand, Apparel industry