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Fantasy Theme Criticism of Bullet Screen in the Bilibili Video of “South Korean Professors Survey China's Post-90s”

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2021.060


Xueming Xu

Corresponding Author

Xueming Xu


This study uses fantasy theme criticism to analyze the BiliBili video “South Korean professors survey China's post-90s speech: they are the most terrible generation in China”and the bullet screen sent by netizens, and to explore the characteristics of international communication in the Internet era. Through the analysis of the text of the video speech and the bullet screen sent by netizens on the website, this paper compares their fantasy theme and rhetorical vision, and finds that: first, the popularity of the video is related to the post-90s issue and the historical origins of China and South Korea; Second, the themes discussed by bullet screen fit well with the speech video, but the attitude deviation is large; Third, the interaction between netizens' bullet screens is the direct factor that causes the difference attitude between the two.


International communication, Fantasy theme criticism, Internet rhetoric