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Redefining the Rules on Judicial Review Application in Uk Can Ensure It is Available to Protect the Rights of the Individuals Against an Overbearing State

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2021.054


Xiaofan Meng

Corresponding Author

Xiaofan Meng


Judicial Review is centred on the manner in which a specific decision has been concluded, or action has been taken by the court. The preceding summarised notes are applied as substantive inputs based on which decision-making are done. Further, the process is compared to the legal framework in which decisions should be made, i.e. based on authorising statute and the grounds of administrative law. It has been accessed by Institute of public affair that various acts are excluded and restricted from review under the Administrative Decision Judicial Review Act 1977. The present report provides an in-depth analysis of restriction relating to judicial review in different laws through redefining the rules relating to who can make application of judicial review. Further, different legislation and case laws have been considered to ensure that judicial review is available for protecting the rights of individual and not abused to conduct politics by other means.


Judicial review, Protection of human rights, Judicial reform