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Analysis on the Effectiveness of Human Resources in Supporting the Economic Transition and Development of the Western Regions

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2021.053


Tian Meng, Congli Yao

Corresponding Author

Tian Meng


The position of human resources in economic development has become increasingly prominent. It is the most active factor of production that promotes economic development. It runs through the entire process of constructing a modern economic system. Based on the analysis of the correlation between the efficiency of human resources and the development of economic transformation in the western regions, this paper considers the changes in human resource demand for the construction of the modern economic system in the western regions as an entry point, and concludes that the quantity, structure and quality of the existing human resources in the western regions are insufficient to support the needs of the current economic transformation, so as to put forward suggestions for improvement in response to existing problems.


Western regions, Modern economic system, Human resources