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Research on Crisis Response of Urban Communities Based on the Perspective of Risk Society--Take X Community of City C in the Context of the Epidemic as an Example

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2021.044


Tianlin Feng, Mingshuo Cui, Ruichen Liu, Xingyuan Zhang

Corresponding Author

Tianlin Feng


At present, people are in a risky society where social risks continue to accumulate, emergencies occur frequently, and the destructiveness of public safety crises continues to expand. At the beginning of 2020, China experienced the sudden public health event of the COVID-19 epidemic. As the first line of defense for the prevention and control of the epidemic, communities are increasingly playing a role in responding to emergencies. This research is mainly based on the theory of risk society. Taking X community in City C under the epidemic situation as an example, it mainly uses the interview method and questionnaire method to conduct research from a holistic and systematic perspective. It tries to construct a crisis response mechanism by building pre-crisis prevention and warning, crisis response, and post-crisis tracking service. This innovative, sound and reasonable community crisis response mechanism can help enhance the risk awareness of communities and community residents. At the same time, the mechanism can provide an effective theoretical reference for future risk resolution.


Risk, Crisis response, City community, Epidemic