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The Relevance Theory between China's Financial System and Macro Economy

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2021.042


Yu Tianyi

Corresponding Author

Yu Tianyi


In the process of China's development, it is the financial system that determines the trend of economic development. At the same time, the financial system itself is closely related to the macro-economy. Therefore, we must deeply analyze the correlation theory between the financial system and the macro-economy. Through the in-depth research and analysis of this paper, it can be further found that in the financial system, stability and specific pressure will well predict the trend of China's macroeconomic development. At the same time, if the international economic and trade order is disordered or the risk of external input is further increased, active and effective fiscal policies will be effectively implemented, It can play an effective guiding role in the good operation of the financial system and macro-economy in the national economy. Only in this way can China's economy truly achieve sustainable development and ensure the further development of the financial system structure in the direction of standardization and rationalization.


Financial system, Macroeconomic, Relevance theory