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The 19th Cpc National Congress Led a New Era of Governing the Country According to Law

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2021.041


Li Kaiyi

Corresponding Author

Li Kaiyi


The law is a key tool in the management of the country. In order to fully implement the rule of law, it is an important requirement for socialism with Chinese way, as well as an inexorable demand for the modernization of the country's management system and ability. In the new era, we must continue to unswervingly follow the socialist road and Chinese way, develop the socialist theoretical system and the rule of law with Chinese way, adhere to the rule of law, administer according to law, and build a country as a whole according to the rule of law, a law-based government and a society governed by law.The system carrier of the modernization of China's management system, the rule of law is not only the embodiment of China's governance capacity, but also an important guarantee to protect social equity and justice and ensure people's livelihood.The rule of law has gathered social consensus, provided comprehensive and basic institutional guarantees for the country's legal construction, and brought the country's legal construction into a new and stronger era!


Rule of law, Construction of rule of law