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The Positive Impact of Natural Farming on Water Body, Soil, and Atmosphere

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2021.037


Yihan Gao

Corresponding Author

Yihan Gao


Natural farming is an agricultural production method that maintains the natural growth state of crops to the largest extent. Natural farming reduces human’s interference with the growth of crops and advocates respect for nature and conformity to the law of nature. Chinese natural farming features five core principles: (1) no pesticide (2) no fertilization (3) no weeding (4) self-retaining seeds (5) continuous cropping. This study is a relatively macro level research, and it comprehensively investigates the positive impact of natural farming on three components of the environment--water body, soil, and atmosphere--thus confirming the sustainability of natural farming. Researching on natural farming’s positive effect on the environment will not only enable people to have a deeper understanding of this agricultural production method, but will also promote the further spread and dissemination of natural farming.


Natural farming, Sustainability, Environment, Water body, Soil, Atmosphere