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Research on Innovation and Practice of Enterprise Economic Management Based on Limited Rationality Hypothesis

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2021.036


Yue Zhou, Jing Zhang

Corresponding Author

Yue Zhou


Knowledge economy is playing an increasingly important role in social economy, and the development of enterprises must conform to the trend of the times. Because of the existence of uncertainty, individuals must consider other people's choices while pursuing the behavior of maximizing utility. It is this endogenous fundamental uncertainty that really constitutes the essence of bounded rationality. Under this background, if enterprises want to win enough competitiveness and achieve sustainable development, they must change their economic management mode and explore innovative economic management mode that suits their own development needs. Therefore, this paper makes a brief analysis of the innovation and practice of enterprise economic management based on the bounded rationality hypothesis, and makes specific analysis of specific problems, and puts forward corresponding effective suggestions for enterprise economic management innovation.


Hypothesis of bounded rationality, Enterprise economic management, Innovation, Practice