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Study on the Application of Music Scores Teaching on College Music Education

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DOI: 10.25236/ssah.2018.080


Lihan Fan

Corresponding Author

Lihan Fan


It is one of the important training objectives of the music education major in China's ordinary colleges to train qualified music teachers in primary and secondary schools. Most of the textbooks used in the core syllabus for sight-singing instruction are in the form of staves, and there are very few lyrics. However, at present, most of the primary and secondary school music textbooks in China use the notation version. From this point of view, genealogy still dominates the current music curriculum in primary and secondary schools. The author agrees with the main position of the staff notation in the sight-seeing course. The spectrum-viewing and singing instruction at the same time will meet the needs of the training subject's professional ability in the future. This article proposes training ideas for music notation of college music in colleges and universities from the aspects of notation recording, notation use, spectrum-viewing and singing and so on to provide reference for curriculum teaching.


Visual lessons, scores, notation, course teaching.