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Research on Product Design and Development of Preserved Fresh Flower Based on Color Analysis

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2021.033


Lizhen Chai, Jiayu Chen, Aimei Wu, Jing LV

Corresponding Author

Jing LV


Preserved fresh flower products are the darling of the flower market in China in recent years. After deep processing, it has a fresh-keeping period of about 3 years, and can be artistically processed and designed. From the perspective of design, color is the core competitiveness of preserved fresh flower product development, and preserved fresh flower product design based on color analysis needs to meet people’s aesthetic pursuit, people’s requirements for their own quality of life and the concept of green environmental protection advocated in recent years. It is obvious that preserved fresh flower products have broad development prospects.


Preserved fresh flower, Design and development, Color analysis, Research