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On the Influence of Public Policy on the Social Integration and Social Space Formation of Foreigners

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2021.032


Chaoming Cai, Xiaobing Li, Weilin Huang, Mengyao Hui

Corresponding Author

Mengyao Hui


The purpose of public policy in China is mainly to provide socialization security system and socialization function path for all citizens. However, will the public policy affect the social integration and social space of foreigners when they come to China? This paper studies the issue. According to the literature, interviews with foreigners and expert scoring, the author made AHP analysis on the five social integration latitudes of economic integration, social participation, cultural integration, value integration and psychological integration, and finally obtained that the weight of cultural integration and psychological integration is the highest, which means the two are the most difficult to integrate. Meanwhile, taking Korean in Dongguan as the research object, the author distributed 35 questionnaires of social adaptation of foreigners in Dongguan, and took back 32 valid questionnaires actually. The data were introduced into SPSS for analysis. The results show that the overall degree of social integration of foreigners in Dongguan is acceptable, and the average satisfaction of environment, transportation, education, medical care, public service level and administrative ability of foreigners in Dongguan is less than 60%, indicating that the integration of public policies is not high for foreigners. 70% of Korean people in Dongguan come to work, so their communication frequency with Chinese is high, but their activities are mainly dominated by shopping, catering and entertainment places of foreigners. In Dongguan, a secondary city with more than 75% of the floating population, to improve the positive impact of public policies on the social integration and social space of foreigners, it is necessary to start from several aspects. First, establish a perfect community management and service mechanism for foreigners to integrate foreigners into community life. Second, establish an equal participation mechanism of social function for foreigners, and also regard foreigners as “masters”, let them participate equally in social civilization, environmental protection, social order and public services, and make they have the right to suggest and give advice. Third, set up cross-cultural interaction fund, support multicultural groups to organize and participate in cross-cultural exchanges, integrate Chinese and foreign cultures. This way plays a positive role in the integration of people. Fourth, improve the system and ability of education, medical care and public services, and give equal treatment to foreigners. Fifth, establish a multi-level social assistance and guidance system for foreigners, provide social services, including psychological assistance and adaptive training. Through the above steps, the Korean people in Dongguan can enjoy better conditions in work, life and learning.


Public policy, Foreigners, Social integration, Social space, Influence