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An Impact of Internet Finance on the Business Performance of Commercial Banks

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2021.026


Ning GUO, Shaobing Zou, Shaoshuang Zou

Corresponding Author

Shaoshuang Zou


Commercial banks play an important role in China's financial industry, and the rapid development of Internet finance has had a great impact on the performance of commercial banks. Facing the development of Internet finance, it not only brings challenges to commercial banks, but also brings opportunities. Based on the research results of relevant literature at home and abroad, this paper expounds the meaning, characteristics, development course and advantages and disadvantages of Internet finance, and analyzes its impact on the performance of the three major businesses: asset business, liability business and intermediary business of commercial banks. Select data from 28 commercial banks for 2010-2019 and use panel data for empirical analysis. The results show that both third-party payment and P2P network loan have a negative impact on the operating performance of commercial banks. Commercial banks should combine the technological advantages of the Internet with their own financial advantages, retain existing customers, develop potential customers, innovate financial products, and improve business performance.


P2p, Third-party payments, Internet finance, Commercial banking performance