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Current Situation and Improvement Path of Clinical Teachers' Teaching Ability in Application-oriented Medical Colleges

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DOI: 10.25236/ssah.2018.079


Fei Ma, Changhai Yun, Fu Liu, Xiaojie Zhang

Corresponding Author

Fei Ma


Since the society entered the 1980s, the international higher education has gradually formed a new trend that is to attach importance to practical teaching and strengthen the cultivation of applied talents, so application-oriented universities emerged at the right moment. Different from research universities, application-oriented universities aim at cultivating high-quality applied talents with strong social adaptability and competitiveness. Therefore, they have higher requirements for teachers' teaching ability. Based on the author's learning and practical experience, this article first analyzes the current situation of the clinical teaching staff in application-oriented medical colleges, and then proposes the improvement strategies of the teaching ability for clinical teachers.


Application-oriented college, medical colleges, clinical teachers, teaching ability.