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Study on Sustainable Urban Planning and Design of High-Density Cities and Green Buildings from the Perspective of Carbon Neutralization Policy-Taking Shenzhen as an Example

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2021.023


Jie LI, YiQing Wang, LinHao Liu

Corresponding Author

Jie LI


With the continuous progress of society, the urban population has greatly increased, and there is a new demand for buildings. The role played by cities in economic development is becoming more and more obvious. The implementation of urban green building planning and design can improve the city image and improve people's living environment. City is the symbol of modern civilization, and it is an important space and action unit to promote the transformation of low-carbon economy and high-quality economic and social development. Although incorporating green buildings into urban planning is of various meanings, which is helpful to improve the protection ability of urban buildings, there are also some phenomena, such as paying attention to design image but neglecting practicality, and the imbalance between commercial value and ecological value. Taking Shenzhen as an example, this paper analyzes the significance of integrating green buildings into urban sustainable planning from the perspective of carbon-neutral policy, considers the problems in urban green building planning and design, and puts forward the ways to improve the design quality when the city realizes green planning and construction.


Urban planning, High-density cities, Green building, Sustainable technology, Low carbon economy, Carbon neutralization, Shenzhen