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An Evolutionary Game Analysis of the Construction of Affordable Housing

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2021.021


Huan Shu, Yan LI

Corresponding Author

Yan LI


The development and construction of affordable housing is a major livelihood project, and as an important model for the construction of affordable housing, the provision of commercial housing with affordable housing can greatly relieve the government’s dual pressure on funds and land. However, in the course of practice, the government is the formulation and regulator of the policy model, and the developer is the executor of the policy model. There is a conflict of interest between the two, which leads to a game. Based on the evolutionary game theory to discuss this issue, the study found that the interaction between the developer and the government will have an important impact on the result of the entire evolutionary game. The developer’s active participation in the construction of affordable housing not only depends on the rationality of government supervision and punishment, and the scientificity of relevant policy formulation, but also depends on the developer’s own knowledge and understanding of the nature of the construction of affordable housing as a livelihood project , and put forward relevant suggestions based on the results to better promote the process of social housing construction.


Affordable housing allocation, Government, Developer, Evolutionary game