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Research on the Development Orientation of Fashion Photography in 5G Era

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2021.020


Yanjun Liu, Yansong Zhang

Corresponding Author

Yanjun Liu


For the 5g Era, combined with the development of the 5g Era and the current situation of fashion photography, this paper puts forward the development orientation of fashion photography in the 5g Era. The common development of photography and fashion is the result of the common development of photography technology and fashion. Photographers convey fashion information through photos, but also express personal attitudes and views on society and culture, so fashion photography has more social attributes. 5G is high-speed, with great capacity, low delay and extremely low energy consumption. It is an Era when video shines brilliantly. At this time, photography should go far beyond traditional functions, be endowed with deeper meaning, and become one of the important expressions of information dissemination and people's social cognition. Traditional fashion photography can no longer meet the existing needs, and its development trend is to integrate closely with video and other technologies.


5G era, Fashion photography, Visual art