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Exploration on the Teaching Reform of Operations Research Course

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DOI: 10.25236/isaete.2021.097


Jianmin Xie, yuanling Tan

Corresponding Author

Jianmin Xie


Operation research is a required course for e-commerce majors. It is an important course to cultivate students' optimization thought, improve students' ability to analyze and solve problems. It plays an important role in many decision-making problems in the field of order to improve the teaching quality of operations research course, this paper explores the teaching reform of operations research course from the perspective of theory + practice + cases. In the whole teaching process, it focuses on solving the three key optimization problems in the field of e-commerce and conducts theoretical study and practical application of what it has learned. the results show that the teaching effect has been greatly improved and the students' innovation ability has been effectively improved.


E-commerce, Operational research, Case teaching, Practice