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Research on the Application of Laswell 5w Mode on the Art of Teaching Supervision in Colleges

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DOI: 10.25236/isaete.2021.091


Lijing Xu

Corresponding Author

Lijing Xu


The art of teaching supervision is the continuous thinking and optimization of work objectives, work methods and work effects. The highest pursuit of school supervision should be to achieve students, teachers, and teaching. The focus of teaching supervision is “people” first, and “things” second. The achievement of “people”, achievement of “students” and “teachers” makes teaching supervision work from “skills” to “arts”. This article introduces the classic theory of communication Laswell’s 5W model into the study of the art of teaching supervision in Colleges. With the help of Laswell’s 5W theory, we can decompose the teaching evaluation objects into five key points, namely “Teachers, Content, student, method, effect “, upgrade the art of teaching supervision from the quality goal of “supervision, inspection, evaluation, and guidance” to the development goal of “promoting the growth of teachers' teaching” , And continue to move towards the ultimate goal of “students' all-round development”; it can also achieve the purpose of method optimization, adopting differentiated working methods and processing art for the supervision of different levels of content and different objects; By flexibly handling various working relationships, gradually escalating from focusing on “things” to focusing on “people”, so as to achieve the highest pursuit of teaching supervision and achieve the goal of effect optimization.


Teaching supervision, Work art, Relationship management