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Research on the Influence of Training Programs on Talent Cultivation in Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/isaete.2021.088


Aiping Wu, Wei Li

Corresponding Author

Aiping Wu


The quality of talent training in universities is affected to a certain extent by talent training programs. As a railway college established by relying on the development of the industry, two factors should be considered in the construction of the university talent training program with the advantages of the original railway colleges: First, the social development and industry development needs should be used as the standard, and the professional settings and majors should be appropriately adjusted according to the requirements of talent training. Training goals; second, based on the talent training goals, appropriately adjust the training program, training methods and training methods in accordance with the development needs of the industry. This article proposes to build a characteristic discipline group, curriculum system and teaching material construction for railway talent training, and establish a stable railway off-campus practice base for talent training.


Talent training model, Training plan