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Discussion on the Reform of French Literature Course Based on the Concept of Big Data

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DOI: 10.25236/isaete.2021.086


Qian Huang

Corresponding Author

Qian Huang


French literature course is a very important basic course for French majors in colleges and universities, and it plays a key role in improving students' French professional quality. The concept of big data refers to the analysis and integration of massive amounts of information and data to accurately analyze the needs of users, and then provide users with more accurate and personalized services. Therefore, applying the concept of big data to the French literature class can effectively promote the reform and optimization of the curriculum. The article firstly analyzes the concept of big data concept and the value of big data concept to French literature course, and then explores the specific strategy of French literature course reform under the concept of big data.


Big data concept, French literature, Personalized development, Teaching content, Reform strategy