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Exploring the Ways to Improve the Effectiveness of Chinese Practical Writing in Higher Vocational Colleges by Means of Informatization

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DOI: 10.25236/isaete.2021.083


Ying Fan

Corresponding Author

Ying Fan


Practical writing is an important part of Chinese teaching in higher vocational schools, and it is also a writing ability that higher vocational students must master. But in the actual teaching process, the teaching method of practical writing is often not innovative enough, the classroom atmosphere is dull, and the teaching efficiency is low. Nowadays, with the continuous development of information technology, the reform of traditional teaching methods in higher vocational colleges is imperative. Practical writing, as a basic course, affects students' future growth and development. Therefore, how to fully tap the advantages of information-based teaching and effectively apply it to teaching practice has become an important task that needs to be studied and explored in the teaching of practical writing in higher vocational colleges. In order to ensure the teaching quality in the process of Chinese teaching in higher vocational colleges, we should constantly innovate the path of information-based teaching, improve the quality and efficiency of students' Chinese learning, and promote the improvement of students' Chinese core literacy and cultural accomplishment.


Informatization teaching, Higher vocational chinese, Practical writing