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Thoughts and Ideas on the Construction of the Arabic Language Major in Chinese Universities in the New Era

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DOI: 10.25236/isaete.2021.079


Jiguang Ding

Corresponding Author

Jiguang Ding


Under the guidance of Xi Jinping’s new era of socialism with characteristics, the employment of tens of millions of college students every year in my country has gradually become an important proposition related to social development, social harmony, and people’s well-being. What factors affect students? The construction ideas and future ideas of Arabic teaching have become the focus of attention from all walks of life. After the outbreak of the global epidemic, China and the Arab world have shared weal and woe and fought side by side, which has deepened and sublimated China-Arab relations. During the most difficult time for China to fight the epidemic, leaders of Arab countries called in one after another to express their strongest support. After the outbreak of the epidemic in Arab countries, President Xi Jinping also spoke on the phone and wrote letters to leaders of many Arab countries, expressing his firm willingness to help each other and overcome the difficulties together. In the new era and post-epidemic period, what enlightenment should be gained from the development of Arabic in Chinese universities and what challenges and opportunities will be encountered? This article will discuss these issues...


Arabic language, New era education, Construction method