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Research on the Vocational Use Shift of English Teaching in Vocational College

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DOI: 10.25236/isaete.2021.071


Yiyi Chen

Corresponding Author

Yiyi Chen


In the context of the development of economic globalization, the exchanges and cooperation between enterprises are getting closer, which not only brings new resources for the development of practice, but also puts forward new requirements based on opening to the outside world. Face the development present situation, the practical English talent as necessities of every enterprise construction development, higher vocational colleges should be on the basis of the integration of previous teaching experience, according to the English teaching experience accumulated in recent years, for professional use English (EOP) to put forward new requirements, such not only can exercise the students' social adaptability, and can optimize the environment of higher vocational English teaching, And thus to build a new teaching model in line with the demand of the post. On the basis of understanding the basic concepts of EOP steering, this paper constructs a new EOP steering scheme according to the current situation of English teaching in higher vocational colleges, and makes a deep analysis of the final results.


Higher vocational colleges, English teaching, Occupational use, Turn to