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Research on Teaching Innovation and Reform of Sports Anatomy for Sports Majors

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DOI: 10.25236/isaete.2021.066


Yuxin Wang

Corresponding Author

Yuxin Wang


Sports Anatomy is a professional basic course, as well as an applied pilot course of physical education. Its knowledge points are “multiple, complex, and chaotic”. Its theory is Abstract: It is prone to produce weariness and fatigue in the actual learning process. The teaching is difficult and the effect is poor. This paper tries to promote the reform and innovation of curriculum teaching by innovating the concepts and ideas of classroom teaching, optimizing teaching content, trying new teaching models, innovating teaching methods, and changing the assessment and evaluation mechanism. It discusses the morphology teaching concept of “student-centered”, and the teaching content is refined into several teaching fragments to construct a teaching content system. It also discusses a new teaching form which uses manual activities to strengthen muscle structure and movement instead of the traditional form of teaching, observation, and experiment. Moreove, the paper analyzes the synchronous and integrated teaching mode of theory, experiment and practice, and shows the new homework results of students' drawing atlas and TikTok videos. Through the above research, this paper summarizes a series of theories and experimental methods for cultivating students' innovative ability, improving students' practical ability and comprehensive quality, and enhancing the quality of classroom teaching.


Sports anatomy, Classroom teaching, Teaching innovation