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Analysis on the Development Direction of the Integration between Industry and Education in Vocational Colleges with a Background in “Dual System” Talent Training

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DOI: 10.25236/isaete.2021.064


Wei He

Corresponding Author

Wei He


Under the background of education in the new era, China regards the “dual system” education model as the core of the reform of the vocational education system. The paper first describes the situation of foreign vocational education and the relatively mature mode of the integration between industry and education. Then, it analyzes domestic national policies related to the integration between industry and education, and brings forward feasibility opinions on the tripartite issues of the Chinese government, schools, and enterprises by combining the promotion of the current deep integration between industry and education in domestic vocational colleges. In the end, it proposes four school-enterprise cooperation development ideas of platform establishment, multi-dimensional school-enterprise cooperation, teaching reforms with industry integration, and R&D costs reduction for enterprises.


Integration between industry and education, School-enterprise cooperation