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Exploration on the Construction Mode of Course Group in Medical and Engineering Integration

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DOI: 10.25236/isaete.2021.062


Mo Dong, Hongsuo Zhou, Kui Su, Guangxin Chen, Zhizun Zhou, Ruohan Zhao

Corresponding Author

Ruohan Zhao


The education mode of multi-disciplinary integration has become one of the mainstream of the current education reform. The specialty of medical and engineering integration is currently set up in many domestic engineering and medical colleges. This paper focuses on the teaching reform for biomedical engineering major in local medical colleges. By comparing the advantages and disadvantages of medical colleges and engineering colleges, as well as the current employment situation and future development needs of medical and engineering integration major, this paper introduces the reform mode of course group construction with software application and design as the core. A two-year coherent practical reform method is introduced into students' teaching, scientific research application, graduation design and graduation practice. It has solved the confusion of medical and engineering integration students in medical colleges about their employment prospects, also improves students' practical ability, enhances students' comprehensive quality, and improves the overall employment rate. This reform method provides a new idea for medical and engineering integration in local medical colleges.


Medical college, Teaching software, Teaching reform, Medical and engineering integration