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Influential Factors Analysis on the Willingness to Staying of College Students in Wuhan

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DOI: 10.25236/isaete.2021.061


Gang CHEN, Lei XIE

Corresponding Author



Talents are vital to the development of a city. In recent years, Chinese cities have enacted various policies to attract talents. Wuhan, the city just survived the COVID-19 pandemic, are struggling with how to retain talents. This paper collects the factors that influence the willingness of Wuhan college students to stay in Wuhan after graduation by questionnaires, and analyses the data through difference analysis and regression analysis. Finally, it is concluded that the main factors that affect college students’ willingness to stay in Wuhan including Portrait of City, Living Experience, Government Policies and Personal Emotions; furthermore, Portrait of City and Government Policies are the most profound influences on college students’ willingness. Based on these four factors, this paper gives some reasonable suggestions and countermeasures.


College students, Staying in Wuhan, Influential factors analysis