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Research on the Teaching Practice of the Online Course “Introduction to the Basic Principles of Marxism” in Undergraduate Colleges

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DOI: 10.25236/isaete.2021.059


Jiafa Mao, Zumei Xie

Corresponding Author

Zumei Xie


With the development of science and technology, ideological and political courses online teaching has become a trend. the university period of college students is the key period for them to form the constant values of life, and the ideological and political class is very important for college students, and it is the main carrier to help them form the scientific values. traditional ideological and political teaching has some problems such as out-dated teaching methods and single teaching methods, which do not conform to the learning characteristics of college students in the new era. online teaching, as a trend of the times, is helpful for ideological and political courses to carry out effective teaching in accordance with the learning situation and course characteristics. taking the online teaching practice of the course introduction to the basic principles of marxism as an example, this paper analyzes the practical process, advantages and ideas of effective online teaching in colleges and universities, and strives to enrich the teaching methods of ideological and political courses so as to achieve better results in teaching.


Undergraduate college, Online teaching practice, Basic principles of marxism, Course